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Our Services
Our Services
Providing 360° corporate communication solutions.

The media department is responsible for placing advertisements in the right place at the right time, so they will reach the desired audience at an optimum cost. Our Media planners will gather information on the public's viewing and reading habits and evaluate editorial content and programming to determine the potential use of varied media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television or the Internet).
Our media staff calculates the numbers and types of people reached by different media and how often they are reached. Media buyers track the media space and times available for purchase.

• Innovative Media


• Films

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Providing our clients precisely what works for them.
We make films for Corporate videos, CD ROMs, DVDs, television commercials, web sites, pdf, podcast, structured training packages, events and other targeted programs and materials that deal with all kinds of management, communications, safety, occupational health, security and technical subjects.

Dreamattire strives to understand the essence of the client's vision, through research the client and the markets they cater to - in order to present a consistent view of the client's competencies. A structure is then presented to the client based on their inputs. After all the elements are in- sync, Dreamattire goes about the business of making the film.

Our audience is more visually educated. These days we are exposed to hundred and thousands of smart programming, commercials, music videos, websites, movies and print campaigns. They consciously and sometimes subconsciously demand strong, engaging images and tend to mentally switch off when exposed to 'ordinary' promotional programs.

We advocate clear, direct communications that people will notice and engage with. Our artists and technicians will work with you to define the essence of your promotional communication, then devise the best possible way to drive the message home - with maximum impact.

It's not always that throwing money will bring in good results. The best promotional programs and campaigns - small or large - need clever ideas, imagination and a touch of difference. We excel at all three.

We appreciate that funds are often limited for the production of high quality communications programs, so we often suggest a range of options and strategies that match client needs and budgets. We always try to suggest the most cost-effective solutions.

• Multimedia Solution

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We can provide clients with a range of presentation styles from simple 2D visualisation to beautifully made scale models and 3D computer generated virtual reality walkthroughs.
All aspects of the exhibition are discussed at this stage from design to lighting and product displays, carpeting and flooring, furniture and flow plans, graphics, special effects, banners, flags, plants, interactive and video and any other issues requiring agreement before final specification and build.

• PR Services
“Basic to all marketing and public relations is communication. Well-planned, effectively-handled communications are increasingly seen as essential to the success and even the existence of organizations in today's changing world. Through marketing and public relations at its best, a company can not only tell its “story” but can also help shape the company and the way it performs.”
At Dream Attire, we understand the difference that effective public relations and marketing can make in everything that you do. We are highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of PR including Internet Strategies, community relations programs, special event planning, writing press releases, constructing press kits, and so much more.
Finding creative, unique ways to set you apart, deliver your message, represent your image, boost your sales and even build company morale is what we do best. And watching the results alongside satisfied clients is what makes us smile.

Internet Strategies - Get yourself “Googled”
These days, when someone - your customers, the media, possible business partners - wants to learn more about your organization the first thing they're likely to do is type your name into a search box. What do they see when the results come up… or do any results appear at all? How your company is perceived online is becoming as important as in offline media. And unlike a newspaper or magazine with limited shelf life, a story about your company can reach your audience months or years after publication online.
From optimizing each press release so search engines can locate it, to making sure the message presented on your site is consistent and keeping with your brand, to obtaining listings and links that serve as free publicity, Dream Attire has the Internet expertise to add this essential piece to your next PR campaign.

Press Kits - Give them what they're looking for
Press kits are helpful tools for distribution at events, press conferences, along with press releases, to potential partners, etc. They contain items that make it easy for the reporter or other recipient to get his or her job done by supplying the story, quotes, background information, photos, other related sources and more.
When you're working with Modern Creative you can be sure that your press kits will not only be attractive and professional in appearance but will contain all the elements that reporters need to write the story and spread the word.

Media Relations - Work on your relationship
Whether you're actively looking for media coverage of your company or the media is on the hunt for you to contribute to a story they're already working on, you need to know the best way to relate to the media. The right response to certain media-related issues including meeting deadlines, delivering quotes, being “on, or off, the record,” saying too little or even saying too much can mean the difference between a dream feature on the evening news and a front page disaster.
Dream Attire is skilled at securing the press coverage that you deserve - factually correct, interestingly spun to catch the writers' and viewers' eyes, and strategically placed and timed. We'll assist you in responding to media requests and develop a media plan with procedures and follow up to make sure that your story is covered.

• Events
Dream Attire was formed in 1996 specifically serving the needs of the Event and Entertainment markets. All the services provided by Dream Attire are completely clutter cutting and cost effective to clients, however large or small, may use our comprehensive services.
Dream Attire is involved in independently conceptualising, planning end-to-end, marketing, and organizing national events. The team at Dream Attire comprises of professionals in marketing, administration, finance and operations. Meticulous attention to detail in the planning and execution of events and a commitment to set new standards at each event are the hallmarks of Dream Attire organized several events. The Company is committed to deliver events of the highest standards in the industry, unmoved by the size of the project.
We have so far organized several brand promotions events, Celebrity shows, rock shows, fashion shows, theme events. Dream Attire has successfully organized about twelve sponsorship shows, four fashion shows, two rock shows, two theme events in Auto expo and a huge millennium carnival.

• Exhibitions Designs

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the competitive world of Exhibitions, it is essential that your exhibition stand works hard for you effectively projecting your brand and communicating your products or services in an intriguing and exciting way.
For over 6 years, Dream Attire Exhibitions have built an enviable track record in delivering innovative design on time, on brief and on budget.
DA can provide concept for all aspects of the show from 3D visualisation to peripheral promotions, or we can turn your own ideas into reality, always ensuring close integration with your core marketing strategy.

Innovative design on time, on brief and on budget
Dream Attire Exhibitions provide the highest standards of design presentation enabling our clients to really visualise the stand concept prior to build.

• Retail Interiors
Dreamattire and Co. is a full service retail agency. We design, build and install interiors, furniture point of purchase material & for premium retail all around India.
We provide ourselves on our culture of innovation and creativity, but couple with market insight and strong business acumen.
We not only know how to make your brand look better than your competitors but also how to create a meaningful experience for your customers and profitable one for your brand.
Our services include retail strategy, creativity and technical design, multimedia graphics, print, manufacturing and installation for full retail interiors through to specific point of purchase units and promotional sites.

• Travel Desk
Contact our skilled reservations department by telephone, fax or e-mail, and we will look after everything. Clients will be surprised, in this day and age, that we are concentrating on providing the highest levels of personal service, ensuring that the correct flight tickets and accommodation solution is sourced every time.
Unlike other hotel reservations companies, Dream Attire does not offer clients the blanket corporate rate discounts, but negotiates prices for individual reservations ensuring that the best value, combining rate, availability and location, are achieved.
At Dream Attire, we understand the needs of Event and Exhibition companies. Satisfying the requirements and budgets of organisers, exhibitors, delegates and visitors all contribute to the onward success and profitability of a show.